TLM International FZE is a leading global provider of IT Products and Wireless & Communications Technology.
TLM Distribution operates from the Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai,
and covers the Middle East region through its branches and subsidiaries.
TLM International's extensive service offerings includes post-sale training,
technical support, financing options, and configuration services.
We are a 'one-stop' solution to all your technology and hardware requirements.
Our vision is a fully connected, fully networked universe. By converging security 
with business systems, our services enable our customers to do things they've  never done before.
 Together with our partners, we can help you improve your  business efficiency, source world­class products easily,
 and achieve solutions  for your strategic goals, all at the same time. For our partners and customers,
 the  possibilities are endless.This is our vision. What's yours?



Case Studies

Smart Protection: Intellect-powered

It has always been necessary to protect the passengers
and cargo transported by...

Parkview Hotel

With over 70 APs installed and 600 concurrent users,
Parkview Hotel chose Ignit...

Bank of Mosul

This project has a main purpose and goal,
which is to connect the main bank office...

Festival ICT case study

Date: November 6, 2014 Location: Milano Mediolanum
Forum, Milan, Italy Information...

Intellect-powered surveillance

Estadio Manuel Martínez Valero is a large football stadium in Elche, Spain.


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TLM International FZE
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