Ubnt AMO-5G13

Product Description:

Ubiquiti RocketM5 Outdoor BaseStation X 1 Omni AMO-5G13 13dBi Dual Antenna X 1.

Technical details:

  • Brand : ‎Ubiquiti RocketM5 Outdoor BaseStation X 1 Omni AMO-5G13 13dBi Dual Antenna X 1
  • Package Dimensions : ‎86.36 x 15.24 x 8.89 cm; 2.06 Kilograms
  • Item part number : ‎RocketM5 Bundle 03 2.1
  • Item Weight : ‎2 kg 60 g
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Product introduction:

The Ubiquiti Networks AirMAX Omni 2×2 Dual Polarity MIMO Antenna is designed to be compatible with an optional Rocket M BaseStation to deliver 360° wireless networking. This dual-polarity antenna operates under the 5 GHz frequency and offers a gain of 13 dBi. It delivers 2×2 MIMO performance and supports airMAX technology, which uses a Time Division Multiple Access protocol to send and receive data at pre-designated time slots. Ubiquiti has outfitted the antenna with a robust mechanical design that helps ensure outdoor survivability. Included along with the antenna are a pole mount kit, Rocket M bracket, and weatherproof RF jumpers to make your base station building experience easier.

Product Highlights:  

  • Seamlessly integrates with RocketM radios
  • 360° range
  • airMAX Technology: Intelligent QoS: Priority is given to voice/video for seamless streaming
  • Scalability: High capacity and scalability
  • Long Distance: Capable of high-speed, carrier-class links
  • Up to 100 airMAX clients can be connected to an airMAX Omni

Product key features:

  • 5 GHz Operating Frequency
  • 13 dBi Antenna Gain
  • 360° Coverage
  • Weatherproof RF Jumpers Included
  • Universal Pole Mount
  • Compatible with Rocket M BaseStation.

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