Product Description:

Portable Gaming Speaker MINI Subwoofer with 3.5mm Jack LED Light USB.

Technical details:

  • Backlight : RGB
  • Rated power :  2 x 3W
  • Frequency response : 300 Hz – 20 KHz
  • Drive unit : 2″ x 2
  • Connectors : 5 mm jack (audio), USB (power)
  • Power supply : USB
  • Size : 440x83x88 mm
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Product introduction:

The HP DHE-6002 High-quality Stereo Speaker delivers a clean and accurate sound. They are USB powered and do not require an external power supply. With RGB backlighting.

Product Highlights:  

  • Angled design for wide-spreading volume
  • 6watt high power speaker provides clear sound and quality
  • Adjustable Volume knob
  • LED Effects with touch mode
  • 5mm single plug connection
  • Cable length: 1.2 m

Product key features:

  • Cool gradual lighting effects the atmosphere with different lighting equipment, enjoy the joy.
  • After the knob leaves the initial position, the light is turned on (reset to turn off the light), and the volume can be adjusted by simply turning the knob left and right.
  • Two double bass Baofeng mouths + two honeycomb grilles with sound guide holes provide powerful bass output, which is powerful and powerful.
  • High-quality speakers deliver a clean and accurate sound
  • USB powered, does not require an external power supply
  • Active electronic equalization balances low, mid and high frequencies for more natural tone and clarity.
  • These USB speakers make for an easy setup. Connect the USB plug to the port on your computer and the 3.5rrm to the headphone jack.